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5 Tips Feng Shui Interior Decorating

Practicing feng shui when it comes to decorating a room has become a popular way to style a room. Feng shui is all about utilizing the space in your home effectively to maintain good chi (energy).

There are certain things that a homeowner must or must not do when it comes to decorating and having the right feng shui in the room. Here are some interior decorating tips if you want your home to maintain its chi.


Include Color in the Room

In feng shui decorating, there are certain colors that you should use if you want to promote good energy in the room. All of the colors stand for different things, such as the color red stands for good luck, which is why most people will include red in their decorating.

Decorate with green if you want a fresh and peaceful look. Use yellow as another good luck color. None of the colors that are used in decorating should be unappealing or distracting to the home owner. If should have nothing but a comfortable feeling to it.

Keep the Room Simple

Feng shui decorating does not involve overly crowded spaces full of stuff. Instead the room should be kept fairly simple with the basic furniture and few accessories. The room should not be cramped as that will only offer negative energy from the room.

Start out with the basics like a piece of furniture and maybe another added piece to begin with. Then add a few items as needed, making sure to not go overboard on the accessories or décor items.

Use Natural Materials

Whenever possible use natural materials for the room. Natural materials like bamboo, hemp, and organic fabrics help to keep the negative chi away that can be found with artificial products. If you want to practice feng shui, a great way would be to have a bamboo wood floor or have an organic cotton slipcover over your couch.

Decorate with Plants

If you want your room to have good chi, then you definitely want to decorate with plants. The fact that plants are a living object that helps the environment makes it a wonderful addition to any feng shui room. Use all types of different plants in your home to achieve a unique look in each room. In one room you may have a small potted plant, while in the other you may have a large standing tree in corner of the room. Both of these plants make a great addition to a room.

Decorate and Design According the Bagua

A bagua is an energy map for a room. If you are really serious about feng shui decorating, then you need to follow the bagua specifically according to the shape and size of the room.

A long dining room is not going to have the same energy map as a small kitchen. Use the bagua to determine the life areas so that you can start decorating the different rooms according to the decorating practices.

Feng shui decorating is becoming more and more popular and has since become known more as a decorating style rather than a philosophy. Embrace the feng shui life and read up more about it if you want to get some positive chi in your home.


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