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Some Techniques For Apartement Design

Studio apartments can make a great first rental property, or they can be a great first purchase. Because they’re so small, they’re often very cheap, and they can be very attractive to students, youth, or people living alone. However, because of the typical size of a studio apartment, studio apartment decorating requires some special thought.


Studios usually consist of a combine sleeping and living space with a small kitchenette. There is often a small bathroom or vanity area as well. When you first step into an empty studio, it may feel spacious. However, trying to think about how your furniture will fit can be a daunting thing. Studio apartment decorating means that you need to think small, and think in terms of multi-functions.

When moving into your studio, you should think about what your bare essentials are. Throw away, sell, or put into storage anything that you don’t use frequently. These things will simply clutter up your home, and you won’t have room to use them anyway. You could have access to a communal laundry, but failing that, you’ll probably have to use the laundromat. A washer and dryer are usually superfluous in a studio apartment. You should also consider downsizing where possible. Often, a full-size fridge won’t fit in a tiny kitchenette. Try buying a bar fridge instead. Many of these also have small freezers in-built. These can be useful, so check the features before selecting a fridge. A large couch likely won’t fit, so try purchasing some fold up chairs or some stackable stools. These can be unstacked and arranged as needed, but won’t take up valuable space.

In addition, when studio apartment decorating you’ll need to make sure that some of your furniture does double duty. This is particularly relevant to your bed. While many people love the idea of having a huge bed, often a big bed won’t cut it in a studio apartment. Try buying a bed that can fold up into a couch. You can do the opposite, and purchase a fold-out couch. These can be a great way of combining two different functions with one single piece of furniture. Another option is a futon. Futons are small mattresses that are unrolled on to the floor at night, and then are rolled up and put away in the morning. This may sound strange, but they’re actually very comfortable. They’ll also save you some much needed space during the day, and may mean that you can have that couch after all.

Another tip for studio apartment decorating is to make sure that you let as much light in as possible. Because studios are so small, they often don’t have many windows. Try buying sheer curtains that still let light through. You can also cover your windows with fabrics or adhesives that stop people from looking in, but still let you look out. Purchase some small lamps and place them strategically about the apartment to make it seem as though you have different zones in your home. This can help give the illusion of space by dividing your home into different areas.


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